Charles Schwab Summary Of Agreement

The parties agree that this arbitration agreement will apply even if the request to open the account is refused and the closing of your account and/or termination of the services provided under this Agreement are extended. Schwab imposes short-term repayment fees for certain investment fund transactions and reserves the right to prevent people who act in the short term with investment funds from purchasing one or all of the funds available through Schwab. Our short-term cash-in policy, including fees and other restrictions, is available on and on request. Schwab may also charge transaction fees for certain investment fund transactions; You would not collect this tax if you purchased shares directly from a fund company. Your purchase and sale of shares of investment funds may be subject to additional fees imposed by the Fund, such as Z.B. The sale and conditional withdrawal fees that are separated from the transaction and other fees charged to you by Schwab. You agree to pay all fees charged by Schwab and/or a fund and you are solely responsible for it. Some Schwab branches are managed by an independent subsidiary manager (“IBL”). Although IBLs are not employed by Schwab, they are registered representatives of Schwab and are subject to Schwab`s guidelines and procedures.

IBLs are recognizable by the inclusion of “independents” in their Schwab representative titles, signage in their branches and support details under their name “Your Advisor” on IBLs can hire their own employees to work in their branches. Like other Schwab representatives, IBLs will have access to customer information to support service accounts and sell Schwab products and services. Schwab will let you know if your account is assigned to an IBL in your geographic area. Whether or not you are affiliated with an IBL, like any other branch (z.B. if you are travelling), you can request a service at an IBL branch. Accounts managed by a consultant are not assigned to LBL. You agree to carefully consider your financial situation, tolerance for risk and investment objectives and market conditions before deciding to use margin credits or short-term account functions. By requesting a margin account and/or placing a margin order, you recognize that, with the terms of the margin agreement, you have carefully considered all of these factors and have decided that margin financing is right for you.