Kartarpur Corridor Agreement Signed

The main point of contention when signing the Kartapur Corridor Agreement was Pakistan`s insistence on $20 in service charges per pilgrim per visit. India has repeatedly asked Pakistan not to pay fees for pilgrims. India asserts that both sides agree on all issues relating to the Kartarpur corridor, with the exception of a $20 service fee that Pakistan intends to impose on Sikh pilgrims. A disagreement on this issue has even led to a delay in the introduction of online registration for pilgrims who intend to visit the shrine. October 24, 2019, S.C.L. This, Joint Secretary (Internal Security) at the Ministry of the Interior of the Union of India and Pakistan, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for South Asia and SAARC Mohammad Faisal at Zero Point at Dera Baba Nanak, in the border town of Gurdaspur, to find the Memorandum of Understanding. The signing of the agreement paved the way for 5,000 Indian pilgrims to visit the holy site every day without a visa. According to the agreement, the pilgrims would come in the morning and return in the evening after visiting Gurdwara Darbar Sahib. [57] Each visitor would have to pay $US 20 as a service fee which, according to the South Asia Department of Pakistan`s DG of Foreign Affairs and saARC Mohammad Faisal, would cover only one-third of the current operating costs.

However, India had asked Pakistan to waive the fees for pilgrims. In response, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Twitter on November 1, 2019, that Sikh pilgrims coming from India for a pilgrimage to Kartarpur will not have to pay a fee on The Day of the Inauguration and Guru Nanak`s 550th Birthday on November 12, 2019. [58] The Pakistani government had also waived, as a “special gesture,” the requirement to spend one year for pilgrims in Kartarpur. However, the Indian government chose not to implement the “concessions” announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan. [59] The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the agreement between the two countries required a passport. [60] [61] Pakistan will open the corridor early next month, just in time for Guru Nanak`s 550th birthday on November 12. Supporters from around the world, including the United Kingdom and Canada, are expected to attend the celebrations. On 9 November 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Kartarpur corridor in a ceremony held at the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib complex in Kartarpur, and about 12,000 pilgrims attended the ceremony. [73] Imran Khan received the pilgrims[74] and officially opened the Kartarpur corridor by removing a curtain raised by hot air balloons from a giant kirpan (dagger). [75] On this occasion, Prime Minister Khan said: “Pakistan believes that the path to prosperity of the region and the bright future of our future generation is at peace, and said that Pakistan is not only opening the border today (9 November 2019), but also its heart to the Sikh community.” [12] [13] People of Indian descent who also have an Overseas Citizen of India (OIC) card can visit Kartarpur gurdwara through the corridor. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan would officially open the corridor on November 9, before Guru Nanak Dev`s 550th birthday.