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Measure and analyze the culture of the organization by interviewing client staff or other client-related workers Coordinating candidates with the appropriate organizational culture on behalf of the potential employer; analysis of data measuring the culture of the organization based on diversity and recommendations based on such analysis; Advice on building inter-European teams based on organizational culture data; Developing organizational cultural objectives and developing action plans for the client to achieve these goals; Measuring and analyzing several organizational cultures in the dercontemplation period or after a merger or acquisition transaction; and all other related services, as determined from time to time by the provider. You acknowledge and accept that all trademark and other copyrights relating to materials and content provided under this website are returned to the hotel or its licensees at any time. You are only allowed to use this material in the manner expressly approved by the hotel or its licensees. This does not prevent you from using this website to obtain a copy of a book or terms of the contract. 15.4 The client acknowledges that the provider does not provide legal, financial, accounting or tax advice under this contract or hosted services; and, to the extent that this contract expressly provides for anything else, the provider takes no guarantee that the services hosted or the use of the services hosted by the client do not justify any legal liability on the part of the client or another person. The hotel may transfer, transfer or impose its position on a contract, sub-contract or other assignment of the contract or any other title or obligation of this Agreement at any time. However, no transfer, assignment or charge of such a position or an equivalent provision of the contract has the effect of restricting legal rights as consumers, or in any way reducing or restricting a guarantee expressly or implicitly given by the hotel user. 1.4 We will ask for your explicit consent under this Directive before downloading or submitting content or using the Services otherwise. 4.3 The licence issued to the Customer pursuant to point 4.2 is subject to the following restrictions: 4.12 The Supplier may suspend the provision of hosted services if an amount payable by the Customer under this Agreement is in arre between and the Supplier has communicated to the Customer in writing for at least 30 days. , after the amount has become overdue, on this basis, the intention to suspend the hosted services. 7.1 The Customer grants the Supplier a non-exclusive license to copy, reproduce, store, distribute, publish, export, adapt, edit and translate customer data, as long as it is necessary to carry out the Supplier`s obligations and exercise the Supplier`s rights under this agreement. The customer also grants the supplier the right to sub-license its hosting, connectivity and telecommunications service providers, as long as it is appropriate for the performance of the operator`s obligations and for the exercise of the operator`s rights under this agreement, subject to any restrictions expressly in this agreement.

“agreement,” this agreement, including all the timetables and changes it has made from time to time; 22.1 No violation of a provision of this Agreement is omitted unless it is expressly done in writing. 19.2 Unless expressly affected by this contract, the termination of this agreement does not affect the acquired rights of any of the parties.