Japan Nepal Labour Agreement

Japan has announced the hiring of more than 500,000 foreign workers in nursing, construction and hospitality, construction and agriculture by 2025. A technical team of labour workers will arrive in Kathmandu after a few days. Under the agreement, the Nepalese workforce would only be engaged for the health care sector. But it is not known how many Nepalese workers will benefit from employment opportunities in Japan. Nepal and Japan agreed on Monday to sign the much-anticipated labour agreement between the two countries. Japanese authorities are expected to do so in Kathmandu on Sunday. Under the agreement between the Japanese and Nepalese authorities, private recruitment agencies cannot recruit and supply Nepalese labour. The agreement stipulates that recruitment must be done in accordance with the government`s (G2G) modality. The comprehensive framework agreement signed in Kathmandu on Monday by Japanese Ambassador Masamichi Saigo and a representative of the Nepalese government opens the door for Nepalese workers who, on the basis of the government`s recruitment model, get jobs in Japan. In 2018, the Japanese government decided to hire workers from a pool of nine countries, including Nepal, the only South Asian country on the list, to deal with its severe labour shortage.

Under the plan, Japan is expected to hire 345,150 workers in 14 sectors over the past five years. Nearly two months after the signing of an employment contract between Nepal and Japan in Kathmandu, Japanese employers have begun to take an interest in hiring Nepalese workers. Based on the agreement, Japan plans to bring Nepalese migrant workers into 14 sectors, including industry, nursing, construction and sanitation. According to the Japanese plan, a total of 345,150 workers will be transported in the first five years, including 60,000 nurses and 53,000 workers for restaurants. During the communication between the two governments, the Tokyo government sent a draft agreement to Kathmandu to obtain feedback from the Nepalese government, according to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security. However, months after the signing of the agreement, no major progress has been made. Thousands of young Nepalis learning Japanese and other skills tests have been waiting for months to live and work in Japan, considered a lucrative destination country for Nepalese workers.