Going West by Mark Powers

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Street Blogging

Mark on the streets of Honolulu

Its amazing to me how computers, the Internet, and now, mobile phones can be used.

It took me a while to figure it out and set it up, but here is what I can do now.

I'm on the street, an image and idea pop into my head. With my iPhone I take a picture. I write up an email, again with the touch screen on the iPhone, attach the photo, and send it off to my blog's email address.

The server for the blog automatically posts my email and picture to the blog. People can view it online immediately.

Now, I've also set up a newsletter and feed from my website to let
people know that I've made a post to my blog.

A visitor to my website can check out my photo and written ideas, and leave a comment on the blog. Now the blog server automatically sends me an email that someone left a comment. The email goes to my iPhone and I can read it, and I have not even gotten home yet.


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