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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Of all the people....

By my first impression, I don't want a person who is pro-oil and best known as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska to be a heartbeat away from becoming President of the United States of America.

Of all the people available in this country to be a leader of all Americans, why did John McCain pick Sarah Palin?? She certainly doesn't seem like an experienced leader who can navigate the incredibly difficult challenges this country is facing.

Ok, people like soccer moms. But does that make them fit to be President nowadays? Do you know Abraham Lincoln wrote all his own speaches and prepared by himself for debates? George Washington faced the greatest challenges standing up to the British during the Revolutionary War.

Sarah Palin has to be coached on all the issues by the McCain team on everything from foreign policy on Russia to illegal immigration. She has to be coached because she doesn't know anything about the issues. She hasn't even been allowed to speak to the press since she was picked as a VP candidate.

I used to think McCain was honest and a patriot. I even supported him in 2000. But after his lengthly support of all the Bush policies, and the hypocrisy of picking Sarah Palin after berating Obama for inexperience, I have lost all faith in McCain. How could he pick someone with so little credentials to be our Vice President. Does he not have any respect for the office? There were no better candidates among the Republicans for VP than Sarah Palin, former mayor of a tiny town and 2 year governor of Alaska with no outstanding record? What does that say about the Republicans? How would she choose our next supreme court justices? What would she do in the face of Putin's attack on Georgia? When OPEC raises oil prices, will she start drilling in Alaska to support her cronies in Wasilla? What do we have to measure her against? The press isn't even allowed to talk to her yet! How could people so easily support someone so unproven to be their leader?

I want true leaders who have overcome great challenges and shown good judgement for president of the United States, not soccer moms and dads. I want someone I can look upto, not someone I have no respect for. I have no respect for Sarah Palin, I never heard of her until recently, only know little of her, and of what I do know, doesn't impress me.

Where are the leaders of America? Of all the people....


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