Going West by Mark Powers

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lose those unwanted love handles the Singapore way!

Singapore Style Trim & Fit Plan
Annoyed by fatty flabs that just won't go away around your mid-section? Now you can sweat them off - Singapore style! Forget about the Atkins diet, South Beach diet. Forget about exercise and eating right, pills and other weight loss gimmicks. You can lose those unwanted pounds even while you're sleeping in Singapore, the heat and humidity will melt those unwanted love handles right off your body.

Singapore's unique location in the world, near the equator and surrounded by water allow for the ideal weight loss environment. With year round heat and humidity, you'll be sweating away excess fat in no time! For maximum weight loss potential be sure to turn off your air conditioner. Better yet, just go outside and walk around the block. Once you see and feel your sweat soaked clothes, you'll know just how effective the Singapore Style Trim & Fit Plan really is!

Mark Powers, originally from the US, arrived in Singapore just recently. What does he have to say?

Mark: I used to be a health nut, watching what I eat and doing exercise, but it required a lot of work and discipline. Now, I can just walk to the store and sweat off at least a pound on the way, and another two pounds back carrying the bags! Sometimes I can just sweat standing around waiting for the train or bus! Thanks Singapore!

We're so sure you'll be satisfied with your new Singapore Style Trim & Fit Plan, we will give you a new convenient Travel Towel! Take it with you wherever you go, to wipe away the pounds as they come off your body!



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