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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Macabre Box of Short Stories - By Jason Epple - Available Now!

Interview with Jace
My best buddy from way back in 2nd grade in elementary school, Jason Epple, has authored a book! A real, 100+ pages book, ready for purchase online right now. Jason, who worked his tail off in California, first as a struggling musician, and then later as struggling student trying to get his degree in education so he could become a teacher, wrote in his extra time. I think he wrote a lot as a form of therapy, but in our difficult and darkest hours, if we let our minds go, we can unleash amazing amounts of creativity. I think that was what happened to Jason. When he wasn't substitute teaching for some of the toughest schools in the country, inner-city Los Angeles schools, or preparing for his university classes at night, he wrote stories to blow off steam. He said he couldn't tell where the inspiriation or passion for these stories came from, but he couldn't stop from writing them down. He wrote one story after another. The story topics were dark and mysterious, but thought provoking and memorable.

I had just started my website business and invited Jason to write stories that we could put online. Jason first wrote some stories for the website, but soon discovered he had enough good stories that he could put them together and publish a book. He went about copyrighting his work and finding a online publisher. Every step along the way, we talked about his progress and what to do next.

I invested in Jason's efforts and remade Jason's website to just show a couple of sample stories, introduce Jason and get people to buy the new book online. Jason had to go through numerous editings, read-throughs, get a cover design (which came out great!), while finding a way to pay for professional proof-reading and publishing services with a reputable firm. And now finally, Jason's long-awaited book is online and available for sale!! I admit, I'm so excited because I have talked with him and encouraged him to write his stories. I feel like I did play a small role in the new book's development and arrival, so I am also thrilled to see it go into the world. I have built the new website for the book and I hope you will take a look, and maybe even buy a copy!

Please visit www.macabrebox.com


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