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Q: Where are you from? 你来自哪个国家?

I am from the USA. Specifically, Phoenix, Arizona. Home of the Phoenix Suns Basketball Team! 我是从美国来的。具体说,菲尼克斯(美国亚利桑纳州城市、首府,位于该州中南部盐河北岸)我最喜欢太阳队的篮球队!

Q: Have long have you been to China? 你在中国多久了?

I first arrived in China on May 27th, 2005. And I am still here! So you can calculate how long from that date. 我2005年5月27号第一次来到中国。我还在这里。你那样能估算时间。

Mark in Gong Fu Action StanceQ: Where have you been to in China? 你去过中国哪里?

Datong, Pingyao, Taiyuan, Xian, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Dengfeng, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xianggang, and Beijing! 大同,平遥,太原,西安,郑州,开封。洛阳,登封,南京,苏州,杭州,上海,香港,和北京!

Q: Do you like Chinese food? 你喜欢中国菜吗?

Yes, Chinese food is good, sometimes a little too oily though. My favorite dish is xiaocongban-doufu. 我很喜欢中国菜,但是有时油太多。我最喜欢吃小葱拌豆腐。

Q: Why did you come to China? 为什么来中国呢?

First I was attracted to China because its history and culture seemed so mysterious and beautiful. I was also interested in how Chinese people think, philosophically speaking, because they seem very different from Americans. Later, I saw how China has opened up and started to develop economically. It seemed China was a very exciting place to be and that attracted me even more. So finally I decided I had to go! (我太懒,还没有翻译)

Q: How long will you be in China? 你打算在中国会留在多久?

I think I will stay in China at least 3 years. After that I don’t know. I miss Hawaii and the ocean so maybe I can go back there someday. 起码3年, 但是我还很想念夏威夷….

Q: Don’t you miss your family? Won’t you go back to see them? 你想你家人吗?

Of course I miss them! I miss them alot! Once I have the financial resources and time, I plan on going back to visit them for sure.

Q: What do you think of China? 你对中国有什么看法?
Of course I like China, otherwise I wouldn’t be here! The best thing about China is the Chinese people. In general, I like how I have met so many passionate and friendly people. Though I may disagree with some people sometimes, I appreciate that many people have strong views and beliefs. I am a little disappointed with how people throw their trash on the street, but I believe that it will get better with everyone’s effort. Actually, I have seen Americans litter too, but not as much. I do feel pretty safe in China as far as crime, but I do have to be careful about not paying too much when I go shopping. (你读这个网站就会知道)

Mark in another exciting Gong Fu Action Stance Q: Do you like Chinese girls? 你喜欢中国女孩吗?

Yes, of course. Everyday I see lots of beautiful Chinese girls, without a doubt. In general, I like girls who have long hair, nice skin, a healthy figure, and are affectionate. (还好吧)

Q: How long have you studied Chinese? 你学中文多久了?

I studied Chinese for two and a half years in the US. I took courses on the Chinese Language, Chinese Literature in Translation, Chinese Cultural History, Buddhism, and a special course on Lu Xun. (在美国两年半以后来中国开始学习了)

Q: Do you work? 你工作吗?

Currently, I teach English part time (only 12 hours a week!). I have my own business, mainly doing proofreading right now. I hope in the future to do more business online, international trade and finance. I am currently doing my best to uncover good opportunities that seem interesting and that I can throw my energy into. The reason I enjoy working for myself is because I got sick of working for others and no development. One of the great things I have experienced when coming to China, has been being able to work for myself, being my own boss, and having a feeling that I am growing and developing something special. (有教英文的兼职, 和校对英语文件)

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    I eleven years old.I from China.But I speak English is not good.Do you like your family?Can you play computer games?