Monthly Archives: January 2013

Your first regular food

Today, I was so excited. I put a slice of apple in your mouth, though you have no teeth, you seemed to really enjoy the taste! You even seemed to be upset if I didn’t give you the apple. You Mom then boiled some apple slices and we crushed them for a long time to make them soft and for the first time ever, spoon fed you regular food! You gulped it down, no problem!

Victor – My son

I remember the day you were born. We took your Mommy to the hospital about 10 o’clock in the morning. She had been having contractions pretty regularly since about 1 am. They were pretty random, the time between each contraction lasting as long as 6 minutes or 8 minutes. I had my trusty iPhone with me and was using the lap counter to track when they started. Your Mom would cringe and grit her teeth and I would hold her hand. Your Grandma W, your Mom’s mom, was in the other room watching your cousin. It got to be about 9 am and contractions were less than 5 minutes apart. I though we had better get to the hospital.

We had gone to the hospital two days before as your Mom had contractions then, but for whatever reason, the stopped and she was not ready to deliver and the doctors turned us away. I prepared for us to go to a nearby hotel to stay if they turned us away again. I was afraid of having to get a taxi to go across town when your Mom went into labor if we had to return home. Fortunately, this time they said she was ready. The told us it was time for her to stay at the hospital. We were relieved they didn’t turn us away.

That hospital was full all the time. It was year of the Dragon and the Chinese were having babies in full force. I suppose there are always lots of babies in China as its population is big. The doctors told to go to 24A. We went to room 24, there were no bed marked 24A. We went to the room next door it was 25. We found a bad in the hallway with a little label above marked 24A! Every room was so full of mommies, your Mommy had to wait on the bed in the hallway!

Every half an hour nurses would come to check on your Mom and test her. About this time her sister-in-law and her friend came to comfort her. Finally, they check your Mommy again and said she was ready to go to the delivery room~!