Monthly Archives: August 2016


First of all, let me discuss the biggest change in our lives, you sister was born in April! That was a big event for us all. We had to go to the hospital, take care of mommy, bring your sister Vivia into this world.

The doctor and staff at the hospital were fantastic, I was worried about mommy, but she did great, and the delivery went as smooth as you could ask for. Except for me, I was as sick as a dog and couldn’t hold Vivia as to protect her health. Vivia was born at night, so the next day we were all sleeping in the morning when Vivia started making some sounds. You woke up and realized she was there. It was a bit of a shock for you but you quickly warmed up to her.

There have been some challenges for you, not getting as much attention as you used to. Sometimes you say, “Do you remember when it was just the three of us?”. But now that Vivia is a few months older and you’ve gotten to know her, and she smiles and looks at you, I think you are happy she is here now.

I see you like to play with her and sing to her. You like to give and share in the attention. I often think of the great relationship your mother and her brother have, as well as my aunt and uncles, and I hope you and your sister will have a wonderful relationship for a lifetime. I always wanted a sibling, and I think it will be a blessing for you both.

My son, you love to memorize things. During the last few months you have completely memorized the period table. The symbols, numbers and names. Its a feat of incredible proportions. Will you ever meet another child who memorized the period table by the age of 3 years 11 months? Names like praseodymium and dysprosium roll off your tongue like you’ve always known them. You had some trouble pulling your pants up after going pee pee, but have no problems helping Daddy remember Molybdenum is number 42.

It started with Astronomy. Everything has grown from there. You wanted to know every star, every planet, dwarf planet, comet, asteroid, galaxy, black hole, exoplanet’s name. We must have gone over many many books well above your expected comprehension level. And you wanted everything, if I tried to skip ahead, you’d flip the page back and say “Start from the beginning!”.

You had learned that stars were made of Hydrogen and Helium. I thought it natural you might want to learn more, so we picked up the elements book at the library. You absolutely just absorbed it like a sponge, soon you were going over every page. I bought a couple posters of the Periodic Table and an iPad app, and within about 2 months you know all of them. We are now making a video with you as the narrator.

I totally can see you becoming anything your heart desires. An astronomer, scientist, doctor, whatever. I love your power and passion to learn.