Monthly Archives: August 2014

Take care of your body!

You are almost 2 years old! You now know about 10 colors, almost all the upper case letters of the alphabet, and you started stringing words together like red star, purple star, green star. You even understand some concepts like full and empty. We have a hard time keeping you from standing in your high chair, dangerous! And you like to throw things into the space between the sofa and computer, it’s like your personal toy and stuff zone. Twice I found my phone in there! Who put it there? Now if we are missing anything, we know where to look.

I hurt my back recently, then the pain went down my leg through the sciatic nerve. I was told not to lift you up or sit for long periods as it would aggravate the pain. So I have started some self-physical therapy like stretching. As your father, one thing I have learned is you must take care of your body, it’s really good if you can get in the habit of stretching and exercise. It will also help your state if mind and reduce the possibility of diseases.

Preparing to Go Home

Before I left for China 4 years ago, I remember telling my mother I was going to come back with a wife and child. Unbelievablely, that is coming true! Soon I will be bringing your mom and you back to the US with me. It’s been a long difficult four years in China, but I got what I wanted more than anything else in the world, you! Yes, there is absolutely nothing in this world that means more to me than you, my son. Since I became a man and began to recognize what’s important and meaningful to me, it was clear I wanted a son.

I always want to play and teach and learn and be together with you. I want to be your father and friend, to share life and joy together for as long as I live. I know you will grow up and start your own family and have children of your own, because it is wonderful. Sometimes I get caught up in the responsibilities of being a dad, sometimes I just want to sit and play with you too. I like to blow bubbles and make stuff out of Play-Doh too.

The past year was tough because I had a full time job that was in Pudong. But my goal upon arriving in the states is to work towards a building a small business that makes enough for our family to live comfortably, to work at projects that I enjoy, to play the sports that I love, and spend my free time playing and learning with you. I want to buy you telescopes and microscopes, science gear and books, lots of fun, interesting, powerful books that will enlighten you and enrich you. I want to take you out in the sunshine to play ball and out in the evening to gaze at the sunrise, the moon and a galaxy full of stars.

More than anything I want to be there for you and with you as you grow up. So that is what I will do. As always, I love you.