Monthly Archives: March 2014

My wonderful little boy

Victor, you are no longer a baby, you a little boy now. Here are some of the exciting things you’ve done lately:

You say “Mar~” for Mars and “Ear~” for Earth, “Bow” for Rainbow, and “Bo~” for Boat, and “Ba” for Bubble, I just get so excited to hear your speaking English words. What is amazing is even though we are still in China now, and you hear a lot of Chinese, you are paying attention to your Dad and using the words the words I use. I makes me so so so proud.

Also, you are really interested in the planets and stars. We must have read those star and planet books a hundred times but you still are interested. When we go out at night, you don’t point at any buildings or signs, you usually just point up at the sky towards the moon or Jupiter. You recognize them in the sky! The other night we were in the bed and you yelled “Moo” for Moon and pointed out the window, and there it was, the moon. I was so amazed and excited. It just blew me away that you understand and even show me!

Also, its so exciting to see how persistent you are. We went to Gongqing National Woodland Park yesterday and we came across a big hill. I ran to the top and at first you were hesitant to go up. But I called you to come up and then came down to hold your hand and help you get to the top. Then you realized it was pretty fun going up the hill and you felt a sense of accomplishment when you got to the top. Immediately you went back down and tried to go back up again. By the 8th time, and no longer needing any help from me, you got to the top of the hill by yourself. I was behind you to make sure you didn’t have a big fall, but you did it on your own. And you knew it too, you had the sensation that you did it and accomplished it on your own and you really liked it. By that time the sun started to go down and we needed to head home, but you didn’t want to go and got upset. Honestly, I was so happy because you had a happy feeling of success and knew that was something you wanted to do again!





I read this quote recently that I really liked:

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I can achieve it!

Which means that if you can imagine something, and you believe in your heart that you can do it, then you CAN do it!