Monthly Archives: June 2014

Smart Amazing Boy!

It’s amazing how fast you are learning and growing! You are about 21 months now, and not a little baby anymore, really like a little boy now. That baby look of not knowing where you are or what’s going on has completely changed to a understanding where you are and knowing what you are doing. You are assertive in what you want and want to do, and where you want to go.

You had a bit of diaper rash a few months back and that led us to start potty training and less use of diapers. At first you just peed and pooped whenever and wherever, but we told you to go to the bathroom and nudged you over to it. It only took about a week or so and you are now going to the bathroom everytime. You can even hold it till you get there which is another sign of growing up.

Another fun step was playing with the jigsaw puzzle. Months ago you simply threw the pieces around, yesterday we tried again and you helped put it together and we both had a lot of fun!
You especially liked it because it was a jigsaw puzzle of the Solar System, which you have learned.

We bought a fun game where you can catch wooden fish with magnets, and it’s amazing to see you concentrate handling the little fishing pole. It’s a new skill for you, but you really attacked it with confidence.

We lately have watched the new Cosmos TV show together. You have become a big fan. I can see you wave your arms around to signify the rings of Saturn or the moon orbiting the earth. You also get emotional like I do when you see comets impact with a planet or rockets going into space. You make little noises that show your were shocked, pleasantly surprised, get excited or curious about things you see.

Though I want you to read books rather than watch TV, Cosmos is such a good show that excites your interest in science, I felt its very worth watching. Matter of fact, I find it totally fascinating and the show has excited me to learn more about science myself. I hope they keep the show going.

I was talking with your mom about what we can do to give to the best life and chance of long survival in a world full of challenges, and I thought education and science were near the top of the list.

I feel your interest now in the planets and science will propel you to learn more and more and make it possible for a solid future for you.