Monthly Archives: April 2014

Drugs are bad

From what I’ve seen in my lifetime, there is no doubt that drugs and alcohol are bad. Any chemical thing that causes you to artificially feel high, can be addictive, and is very bad for you. I’ve had friends go to jail and seen families destroyed because of drugs. They lose control of their own minds and will lie, steal or worse to satisfy their addiction to it. Also they forget or abuse their own friends or family for drugs or booze. Anyone who offers you or tries to get you to use any kind of drugs or use a substance way to get high, even something like sniffing markers, is not your friend and you should try to get far away from them.

I love you my son. A great thing I’ve learned in life is called a natural high. It’s the great feeling you get when you you’ve done positive things you want to do, and having fun in positive ways. For example, I was so happy and excited (of course a little nervous too as a new Daddy ) when you were born! I feel happy when we play together. I feel happy when my business succeeds, I feel happy when I win at racquetball, or do exercise. That is a natural high, not artificial. Those are the highs that make life a great experience and I hope you’ll always take good care of yourself.

I love you my son.