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To me, one of the most essential keys to a long happy life is education. Education comes in different ways including formal and informal. Formal education is like going to school, reading textbooks, doing homework, and learning with professors. Informal education includes life experience and learning with your family. Both are important and have a place in your life. I actually want to study and learn with you too. Recently we’ve been learning a lot together, reading books, looking a pictures, and watching videos about Space, stars and planets. I think we have both have had a lot of fun. That is also important, the simple enjoyment of learning. However, even if learning is not always fun, it doesn’t make the lesson or knowledge any less important. I often hear people say things they learned in school often was useless later in life. I beg to disagree, I have thought every bit if knowledge large or small can help you. Sometimes, a bit of knowledge becomes useful when you didn’t expect it to be. But also take care not to hurt others, I use the Golden Rule as my moral guide. Do unto others as you would have then do unto to you. Basically, treat other as you would like to be treated.

Additionally, knowledge that could be used that just sits on the shelf, or knowledge without the courage to use it is impotent.

It’s what you do with that knowledge that counts. Learning to make key distinctions, and getting the knowledge that is necessary to do whatever it is that you want to do.

Where’s your nose?

When I ask you where is your nose, you immediately can point right to your nose! You also know where your ears are when asked! When I ask you where is the red thing, or where is the star, you can point to it in the book. You make your Dad so proud that you are learning so quickly, and pay attention to things. Everyday you bring books to me and have me read them to you, honestly that just makes me burst with joy, to see you interested in the world and wanting to read with your Dad!

You make your Dad so proud! Happy Thanksgiving

Living in China, being away from my Mom and Dad, Grandparents, and family in the USA has been hard on me. I wanted to take you and your Mom back to the USA early on, but its taken much longer than I anticipated to get through the paperwork, and still there is more to go.

I especially have wanted to show you to my Grandfather. He is about 90 years old now and his health is deteriorating. I wanted to show him my wonderful son and share with him feel the pride that I feel.

Fortunately, I was able to video chat with my Grandparents, your Great Grandparents, on Thanksgiving… and what a wonderful time it was. Grandfather was able to get online, he put his headphones on and could see you clearly on his screen. And you really responded, you ran back and forth across the floor, spun around, yelled out “Mamamama”, sit down on a chair, smiling and laughing, full of energy and vitality. On top of that, you even picked up a book and flipped through the pages on your own! And when I asked you to give something to your Mommy, you promptly took it and gave it to your Mommy. Then she gave you something and you immediately brought it over to me. You even waved to your Great Grandparents when they waved to you. My heart was just bursting with joy and pride, they could finally see you so active and smart, just as I see you. And were they ever impressed, both Grandmother and Grandfather were just so surprised and amazed that a little 14 month old child could be so responsive, coordinated and communicative.

That was the best Thanksgiving I have had in long time. I have yearned for my Grandparents to be able to see the wonderful you that I know, and they finally got a chance. It certainly makes me fell better. The next thing is to get all our documents together and approved and go to the USA together to spend time with the family in person.