Monthly Archives: December 2017

What am I doing wrong?

I sometimes think I am doing something wrong. Am I a bad father? I see you’re upset, maybe I am not dealing with it well, maybe I am over doing things, I don’t know.

Respect, respect is earned I guess. I may have lost your respect. You sometimes can say or do mean things to us. Do I play around to much, do I need to be tougher, show more of my good points, something else? What do I do right, what do I do wrong? How can I be a better parent? Maybe I need to learn more about how to be a better parent.

I know yelling is wrong, but I still do it. Maybe it’s a case of bad habits. I tell you to change, but struggle to change my self. How do I change myself? Write a list on the board? Make rules in the house…

I believe in God, when I need help I do ask God for help. But I also must find a way to…

Maybe just stop worrying and be happy…


The other day Victor said a new word “Unbrainable”! Which means unimaginable or incomprehensible. I love this word and I have been saying it myself.

Today, we went to the park and played baseball! We had so much fun! I was throwing pitches like the Double Hot Potato and Atom Smasher with Blueberry Banana Pancakes, and you would smash the them! You were hitting home runs and crushing the ball.