Monthly Archives: August 2013

Amazing Every Day!

Hey my son!

I’ll tell you, you¬†absolutely¬†amaze me everyday! Everyday you can do a little more. I was so happy today because you put one block on another block by connecting them! You may think that is no big deal, but actually we have been working on that, and you did it today for the first time! It actually takes some hand eye coordination and practice. You hadn’t been able to do it before. I think you also had to learn that it was even possible to connect two blocks together.

Another thing that made me happy was as soon as I walked into the room after you woke up, you stood up and walked across the bad and jumped into your Daddy’s arms! What a great feeling that you are as excited to play with your Daddy as he is with you! So we went into your play area grabbed the blocks and number cards, trucks and books and began to play. Its usually like this, I build the blocks up and you knock them down. But you are starting to learn how to build things too. Today you got under the table and tried to stand up but hit your head and got upset because you couldn’t stand, that was another learning experience. Oh, another exciting this is you started hitting the keys of the piano, instead of just the piano. It just shows me you are learning everything. You watch everything we do. You tried to be like Daddy and hit the piano but you didn’t know where the sound came from. Then you realized the connection between the keys being pressed and the sound, and now you play them! You really love books, you love to turn the pages and look at the pictures. You laugh at the pictures and use your own hands and fingers to turn the pages! I didn’t teach you that, you figured it out on your own.

Its like you are naturally curious to learn about the world and you will try anything and everything, and Mom and Dad are here to guide you along and help you learn, but you are super proactive and try everything yourself. I remember my mother telling me how amazing and smart I was as a little boy, and now I finally can see my own son and think wow, he is so amazing and smart. I hope you’ll have children some day and know the total joy of having a wonderful child. Of course its not always easy to keep up with you because you have 10 times more energy than your mother and I, but its amazing and wonderful to be with you everyday!