Monthly Archives: March 2015


Hi my son! You are speaking two languages now! You use English and Chinese! Also you are making sentences~! Tonight I asked you, do you know any words in Chinese, and you said 米饭!By the way, you really like to eat rice and egg. You eat broccoli and chicken sometimes too.

The other day you ran out and “Daddy, Daddy, Mommy, Mommy”, I said “what is it?” And you said and this semi-concerned voice..”Super Giant Big 鼻涕!” Your mom and I just laughed.

We’ve tried to get you to stop saying “Oh my God” all the time. You must have heard your grandmother say it, and now you say it too. I’ve tried to persuade you to use “Whoa” or “Wow~” instead.

The other day we were at the dinner table and your mother said “干净” to you. And having never asked you before, I said “Victor, how do you say 干净 in English” and you thought about it for a minute and said “Clean”. I was so impressed, that was amazing. You seem to really get the idea that there are two languages and they use the different words to convey the same meaning.

You are a huge fan of space stuff. You have memorized all the planets and many of the names of the moons. You often say to me “Deimos and Phobos orbit Mars!” You know the four major moons of Jupiter. You know Titan, Mimas,and Enceladus of Saturn. You know Oberon and Titania of Uranus, and Triton of Neptune. You also know Charon and Pluto as well as some asteroids/dwarf planets like Ceres, Haumea and MakeMake. You like that last one, it must sound funny to you.