Monthly Archives: March 2013

Big Day Out

Today was a big day. We took you to get your 6 month check up at Dr. Xie’s office. She is a great doctor who seems to really care about children. She has a been a great help to your Mom and I to make sure you are doing well. You are 8.8 kg, 44 cm around your head, and 69 cm tall. Completely normal and healthy! Our job and biggest responsibility is to continue to keep you healthy and safe, while trying to teach and prepare you for being an adult. Dr. Xie told us we also need to start feeding you fore rice meal and vegetables which will be a challenge as you already love sweet fruit like apples. We’ll just have to find a way. One think you’ve been getting good at is mimicking us. Just like the other day I play the little xylophone piano and you hit the keyboard with your hand just like your Dad. I was bursting with pride because you had watched me play and you tried to do the same. I also use that skill you have to entice you eat healthy food as well. If you don’t seem to like the food we make, I eat it in front of you and you tend to try to copy me. the other day you even at a little spinach, but we could see you didn’t like it very much. You had a frown and made a face like yuck! So sad, but so cute too.

After we took you to the doctor’s office, we went to the International grocery to buy some food. I also stopped by my work office and showed you off to my coworkers and students. They all gathered round and looked at you and smiled. You were very well behaved, I think you were also in a bit of shock as you have not been around a lot of people yet. Its important for you to get out and see the world even at this age.