Monthly Archives: April 2013

From Little Baby to Little Boy

My son! I remember just 7 months ago, in the delivery room, as soon as you were born the doctors and nurses wrapped you up in little blanket and set you beside your mommy and I. You were just born! Its amazing to think about that day and just as amazing to think how you’ve already grown and developed so much in these past 7 months! You are hardly the little 3.5 kg baby anymore. You are nearly 10 kg now and your head and body have really filled out.

In the first few months after you were born, we could put you on the bed, you couldn’t move very much. You would flail your arms and legs, but you couldn’t get anyway. But since you learned to rollover, you really started to move around a lot. You can crawl around, and since yesterday even use your toes to push forward! You can climb over my leg and almost stand up if you hold on to something. Your hands, arms, and legs have really gotten strong, sometimes you pull the hair right out of my head!

We put a big mat in the middle of the main room for you as your play area. We have lots of toys, but it seems your favorite is the little blue star. You grasp it and even if we carry you to the park or store, you hold on to that blue star!

You have a great little giggle. If we look at you in a funny way, and bounce you on our leg, you giggle and laugh like you are having a great time. That is great for me to know that you are enjoying yourself and happy.

Everyday a little change

It’s amazing how much you have grown and changed over the past 6 months. I can’t believe you are more like a little person than a baby than a baby. You can laugh, move around, giggle, smile, cry, and communicate. When you look at us and wave your arms, you lets us know you are excited or your frown, you let us know something is not right and you are unhappy. Its amazing how much you can communicate without knowing any words yet. You mother discovered you respond to hearing your Chinese name now. I need to work harder at helping to hear and understand English. That is one of my goals, to make sure you are completely bilingual. You mother always speaks to you in Chinese, and I speak to you in English.

I worry a lot about your future, maybe too much. I often think about what to do if you want to play video games so much, or do something like stick your arms out of a moving car when you get older. I want you to be safe and healthy your whole life. Being a young boy myself before, I was pretty confident and outgoing. I felt my environment was safe, I had friends in school, and my parents loved me, that’s important to have that in your life. As your father, its my job and responsibility to make sure you are safe and have a good environment to grow up in. The influences of your friends and environment can have a huge effect on your life. So much of what happens in your life depend on the choices you make. One small decision can change your entire life. Paying attention, learning to know when to play it safe and when to take a chance, listening to your heart and intuition can help you make good decisions and keep you safe and healthy and hopefully prosperous as well.

You really enjoy looking at the computer screensaver. My computer always shows pictures of the planets and stars as its screensaver. You sometimes stop whatever you are doing and stare at the images. I wonder sometimes if your spirit was flying around with the stars and one day came to Earth and became my son. Or maybe you just like the movement and colors. Nonetheless, you do like the pictures of planets and starts, so I will try to remember and introduce you to more things about Astronomy as you get older. I took an astronomy class when I was in college and really enjoyed it. After that class I could always look into the night sky and recognize Jupiter, Mars and Venus and know where the planets would be and what to look for.

Science is really fun, its surprising that everything you learn, even if it seems useless at the time, can help you or will show itself some time in the future. So learn as much as you can.