Monthly Archives: January 2020

What a year 2019

My children, what an amazing year we’ve had. I you think about all the things we did and the different ways you’ve grown, it’s so exciting.

Big V – started in the Gifted program at school. You’ve gone to school with kids much older than yourself. You’ve must have read 200 books this year on everything from Greek Gods to Wimpy Kid to Anne Frank. You completed all 104 addition flash cards in less than 5 minutes. You learned a number of great songs. You drew so many beautiful pictures. You learned to play Black Jack and Crazy 8s. You traveled to Los Angeles and Monument Valley and Great Wolf Lodge and the Grand Canyon. You learned Chess and played in 6 tournaments and won two trophies! This last one meant a lot. I remember you had not done well the previous tournament and games and were down. Then you roared back and got 2.5 points to win 5th place. It was a huge achievement. You were in a play at school and made friend with other kids.

And Little V – learned her ABCs and can count to 20! She knows how to spell her name and the word BIG. She has read at least 50 to 100 books with Daddy and Brother. She can brush her teeth by herself and doesn’t need diapers during the day. You learned to potty on your own. You can speak in multi word sentences and discuss your own thoughts. Also you like to tell jokes, dance, play doctor, play cards and chess like brother and are a very gentle loving soul.

Looking forward to 2020!