Monthly Archives: December 2015

Let me help you

I don’t know how for sure, maybe it was my fault, but somehow you learned the words “I can’t do it.” For example this evening, you want to put on the sports glasses that I wear. You hold them, try them this way and that, but they don’t go on right. I try to help you, but you won’t let me. You get frustrated and throw my sports glasses and scream and cry “I can’t do it!”. I get upset too, then you get more upset.

Let the people who love and care about you help you too! Sometimes you have to learn how to do something with some help.

Christmas is coming

You like to look at the Christmas lights, you say “They are so pretty!” You really are like a little independent person now. You’re personality is strong and independent. You really like to be able to do things by yourself. It’s so cute you go to the bathroom by yourself then ask us for help to get your pants back up. You like to have right amount of bubbles in your bath, not too much or too few. You know what temperature you like. We started taking baths everyday at 9, and go to sleep at 10. This really has helped you get into a rhythm for sleep. 

You have been going to Chinese classes on Saturdays for about 3 hours each time. You like the class, it’s good to help to get used to Chinese. Your ability to speak two languages is amazing, you’ve figured out how to distinguish them most of the time. It’s cute though when you say “I 吹 some bubbles!”

Actually, you’re mother and I think you are a language genius. Many people also can’t believe all the things you are able to say for just turning 3 years old. 

Recently you’ve been getting excited about Star Wars. You like Darth Maul and Darth Vader and R2-D2. At the store, you wanted to buy the soup with Darth Vader on it. You like to play with a toy light saber that Big Victor gave to you. The new movie comes out Dec 18th, and we will go see it together. 

We will be getting a new home soon. We’ve been looking for one for a while and found one near the park you like. I’m excited for us because we will all get our own rooms and space. It’s close to the park and you and mommy can go often.