Monthly Archives: April 2018

Traveling Man

My beautiful wonderful children, you are traveling to China with your Mom. Its been a whirlwind over the past few days doing some last minute travel, celebrating Vivia’s 2nd birthday, seeing the doctor, getting ready for your trip.  We woke up a 2 am to start getting ready and get you to the airport. I really love how much my child have grown and matured and become beautiful little people, not babies, but a son and daughter.

I miss you so much already. You two and your Mom mean the world to me. A thousand mountains of gold and riches would mean nothing without you in my life. I’ve dedicated my life to raising my children and having a happy family. I want to be a good husband and a good father.

You two are so so adorable. Victor, you just love comparing things nowadays. First you enjoyed size comparison of things in the universe. Then it was tree comparison, speed comparison, then tower comparison. You have memorized dozens of towers built and tower to-be-built and know the heights, cities were there are and more.

You love Garfield, Ice Age, Dory, and recently you enjoyed watching Pacific Rim 2 with me. You are reading comic books recently like Calvin and Hobbes and Star Wars Comic adaptation.

Vivia, you love to dance and sing. When I dance, you dance with me, when I sing you will sing too. You will even sing songs all by yourself and start wiggle dancing when a song you like comes on. You are also speaking very well. You put words together like “Where Mommy”, “Right here”,  and “I love you”. You can sing the alphabet song and can say your numbers up to ten. You are sooooo tall, over 100% for your age. You tower over kids your age. I think you were measured to be 37 inches today.

I am missing you both while you are on your trip. The house is cold and lonely without all of you. All the energy you bring makes this house completely different when you are here.