Monthly Archives: September 2013

Find your interest

Victor my son, you are now one year old! We opened up the little pen to more of the house so you can run around and explore.

That is an important thing for your life, to go and explore and discover what you like, what you are interested in, and what you are good at. It will be important as you think about your future work. Finding what you love to do will allow you to focus on doing that as a profession!

Being your own man

It’s hard to believe at this time last year, you were still inside your mommy waiting to be born. We still didn’t know if you would be a girl or a boy. You were expected to come soon, but we didn’t know exactly when of course.

Now, nearly one whole year later, you are more like a little boy than a baby. You can walk and nearly run, you call call for mama, and you are laughing a lot.

You had to fall down a few times to know that walking on the sofa was dangerous. As my Dad told me, give you space to do things, but watch closely and make sure you are alright.

I feel there are lots of things to be careful about and wonder how can I both keep you safe but also let you learn. There are some things like art and music you can really try freely, but things like addictive drugs that you should never try at all.

Eventually, you will be your own man. I must do my best to set a good example. I notice now that you emulate me. When i smack the tree with my palm, you will watch me and hit the tree with your palm as well! So I try to be my best.

You’ll be one year old soon, I feel you are already so smart, fun, and communicative than I imagined you could be so soon.

I think soon you’ll start to develop your own values as well. I already can see you are independent and have your own ideas. You will pick up toys to play with and picture books you like on your own. So soon you’ll be thinking about what you want to do. That will tell you what you value, what is most important to you. Those things may change over time as well. I honestly would like to spend all day everyday with you playing and learning about the world. I have to pay the bills, so I go to work for many hours everyday, which hurts me because I rather be at home with my son. My goal is to get my Internet business to make enough money so I don’t have to go to the office and can spend more time with you!