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Every few seconds

It’s really cool how much you enjoy things scientific. Of course you enjoy Despicable Me and Ice Age like other kids, you love Size Comparisons. Then you enjoyed Boat Comparison, Tree Comparison, Time Comparison, Speed Comparison, etc etc. I said with all this knowledge of space and science, what do you want to ? You said “Be an astronomer!” You love to draw pictures and compare the sizes of different objects like planets, stars, black holes, galaxies, and other cosmic objects.

You said to make a chemical mixture you needed a U spoon of something. I asked what’s that? You said it’s bigger than a T Spoon!

You helped me find the car at Target because I picked the wrong one. You noticed the hub caps were wrong, and you were right!

You asked me, why are all the prices .99 something? You’ve been asking great questions!