Monthly Archives: August 2015

At the Pool

We have gone to the pool several times this summer and you’ve enjoyed being in the water, though you haven’t learned to swim yet. Today was a bit scary because you slipped in the water and couldn’t get get your head above the water on your own. I came over right away and pulled you up, but it was scary. Mom told me tonight that I jumped in the deep end when I was a kid and my dad pulled me out too. I remember learning to swim and I hope you will do the same. I was very proud because even after this scary moment you got back in the water and tried to swim. By the time we left you could float in the water and kick your legs!

On the way home we sang the monkeys in the bed song, and you improvised the last line, “there were zero in the bed, mama called the doctor and the doctor said put them back in the bed!”