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Big V said “Love you one. Love you two. Love you infinity. Love you Pi!” And Little V said “Love you cake!”

Little V said “Mom, you are not fat and not young.”

Lots of Babies

Little V puts her teddy bear under her shirt and says “Look Dad, I’m having a baby!” I say, is it going to be a boy baby or girl baby. Little V says it’s going to be a girl baby. I ask what if its a boy baby? Little V says, I will give the baby girl clothes!

I ask “How many babies will you have?” Little V says she have two babies. I ask “Two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl?” Little V says, “I will have two boys AND two girls! Mommy can take care of one, you can take care of one, brother can take care of one, and I will take care of one”


We have been hunkering down for about three to four weeks now. It’s been tough to work at home and at the same time give you children all the love and attention you deserve.

We had a nice but little birthday party for little V. A tent and playdoh and gym mat and hand held fans and bubble toys.

Hopefully, we will get through this soon and our family can travel and you both can be in school~~

What a year 2019

My children, what an amazing year we’ve had. I you think about all the things we did and the different ways you’ve grown, it’s so exciting.

Big V – started in the Gifted program at school. You’ve gone to school with kids much older than yourself. You’ve must have read 200 books this year on everything from Greek Gods to Wimpy Kid to Anne Frank. You completed all 104 addition flash cards in less than 5 minutes. You learned a number of great songs. You drew so many beautiful pictures. You learned to play Black Jack and Crazy 8s. You traveled to Los Angeles and Monument Valley and Great Wolf Lodge and the Grand Canyon. You learned Chess and played in 6 tournaments and won two trophies! This last one meant a lot. I remember you had not done well the previous tournament and games and were down. Then you roared back and got 2.5 points to win 5th place. It was a huge achievement. You were in a play at school and made friend with other kids.

And Little V – learned her ABCs and can count to 20! She knows how to spell her name and the word BIG. She has read at least 50 to 100 books with Daddy and Brother. She can brush her teeth by herself and doesn’t need diapers during the day. You learned to potty on your own. You can speak in multi word sentences and discuss your own thoughts. Also you like to tell jokes, dance, play doctor, play cards and chess like brother and are a very gentle loving soul.

Looking forward to 2020!


This fall we spent a lot of time learning chess. We went to classes, camps, private lessons and tournaments. We won some games and lost some games. You even got a trophy! But we also had to learn how to work through losing. Little V has been learning Chess too! She learned all the names of the pieces, how to set them up, how the move. She just needs to learn how to checkmate. Little V has learned her abcs and numbers 1 – 20. Now we are working on learning to read and addition. Counting with our fingers or paper clips. Big V got a certificate for getting 100% on his mid year math test at school. He was the only one to get all the question right!

Unicorn and Spider-Man

Your new pajamas are so cute! Little V is a unicorn and showing me how she looks. Big V is Spider-Man!

Big V won a trophy in a chess tournament last week. He was so happy he would take the trophy with him wherever we went in the car.

Little V was trying to show me how she would solve a chess puzzle like her big brother.

I love it!

Happy Days

It’s so wonderful to see my children growing up. It’s a joy everyday. There is nothing better for me than coming home to be with my wife and kids. I know there are battles and challenges but I am happy now!

I love to give you both eye massages. It helps you go to sleep and a chance to put lotion on your dry skin.

Recently we’ve enjoyed some great trips! Natural Bridge, the North Rim, staying a the cabin, it’s been a lot of fun. I love the walk we took across the wide open space.

I am so excited and proud to see you learn. Both of you are reading every day and learning new and exciting things. You confidence is growing.

It’s fun when we play games like Chess, Othello, Crazy 8s. It’s one of the fun things are family does. That reminds me, I need to enroll you in the tournaments!

Traveling Man

My beautiful wonderful children, you are traveling to China with your Mom. Its been a whirlwind over the past few days doing some last minute travel, celebrating Vivia’s 2nd birthday, seeing the doctor, getting ready for your trip.  We woke up a 2 am to start getting ready and get you to the airport. I really love how much my child have grown and matured and become beautiful little people, not babies, but a son and daughter.

I miss you so much already. You two and your Mom mean the world to me. A thousand mountains of gold and riches would mean nothing without you in my life. I’ve dedicated my life to raising my children and having a happy family. I want to be a good husband and a good father.

You two are so so adorable. Victor, you just love comparing things nowadays. First you enjoyed size comparison of things in the universe. Then it was tree comparison, speed comparison, then tower comparison. You have memorized dozens of towers built and tower to-be-built and know the heights, cities were there are and more.

You love Garfield, Ice Age, Dory, and recently you enjoyed watching Pacific Rim 2 with me. You are reading comic books recently like Calvin and Hobbes and Star Wars Comic adaptation.

Vivia, you love to dance and sing. When I dance, you dance with me, when I sing you will sing too. You will even sing songs all by yourself and start wiggle dancing when a song you like comes on. You are also speaking very well. You put words together like “Where Mommy”, “Right here”,  and “I love you”. You can sing the alphabet song and can say your numbers up to ten. You are sooooo tall, over 100% for your age. You tower over kids your age. I think you were measured to be 37 inches today.

I am missing you both while you are on your trip. The house is cold and lonely without all of you. All the energy you bring makes this house completely different when you are here.