Happy Days

It’s so wonderful to see my children growing up. It’s a joy everyday. There is nothing better for me than coming home to be with my wife and kids. I know there are battles and challenges but I am happy now!

I love to give you both eye massages. It helps you go to sleep and a chance to put lotion on your dry skin.

Recently we’ve enjoyed some great trips! Natural Bridge, the North Rim, staying a the cabin, it’s been a lot of fun. I love the walk we took across the wide open space.

I am so excited and proud to see you learn. Both of you are reading every day and learning new and exciting things. You confidence is growing.

It’s fun when we play games like Chess, Othello, Crazy 8s. It’s one of the fun things are family does. That reminds me, I need to enroll you in the tournaments!

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