Having fun in San Diego

We went to San Diego last Friday. We all woke up early Friday morning and drove to California. We arrived at Coronado Beach about 1 pm. You had woken up from a nap and I carried you to the beach. When you got to the beach you said “Wow, so much water!” I said that is the ocean. At first you were a bit intimidated by the wind, ocean and big waves and refused to get in the water and wanted to go home.

I said watch the waves, what do they do. The come up and they go down, they come up and they go again. And we chanted this for a few minutes. It seemed to help you understand what was happening and that the waves would not just come up and up and up. They seemed safer and you seemed more at ease. Then we drew pictures of the planets and the said and watched how the waves made the pictures disappear. You thought that was interesting. Finally, we played hide our feet in the sand. You liked that. Then we played chase near the water and you were having so much fun. Eventually you got closer and closer to the water and even let the water go across your feet. Then we started jumping up and down in the water and kicking the water to make big splashes. Eventually, you seemed very comfortable in the water. Except if there was a big wave, you’d run over to me and hold my leg till the wave receded.

We played at the beach for nearly four hours and you didn’t want to leave. We left a little after 5 and went to the Gas Lamp Quarter and walked around there. Then we did some shopping at some Chinese stores. We left for home around 8 and arrived about 2am! We gave you a quick shower and you were fast asleep.

The next day you were full over energy while Mommy and Daddy were exhausted! We went to the stare and got you a marble game and fishing game to play with. It was also 4th of July so we played with sparklers and pop-its as well. Today we’ll go to the Good Egg and get some pancakes and later the library~~

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