Hi Victor

I want more than anything in the world to be able to spend all my time with you. I pains me greatly to have to go to work or do busy work or fixing house issues or anything that takes away time I could have with you.

I can see you are growing up, you are trying so hard to learn and play and grow up. I want to kick myself whenever I yell or not treat you as well I should. 

You have so much energy!!! You can go nearly full power all day it seems. I like to call you The Hurricane or Rolling Thunder to describe the energy you come with. 

One of the things I most excited and proud of is how much you can read now. You are able to read books, I know you aren’t just memorizing the books because you can read books without me ever reading them to you once. I think that having read to you almost daily since you were born has been something I did right.

You sister hasn’t gotten the attention from me I would love to give her. It’s much more challenging given attention to two than one. You both need and deserve all the attention I can give, it’s not easy to always bring it.

Some things we’ve done since I last posted:

Go to Fountain Hill Park aka Rainbow Park. You’ve read the entire book “The Lorax” to me. You had you 4th birthday, which I thought was a very special birthday, it seems you have made big steps in maturity. You put on underwear by yourself. You can play a lot by yourself too. 

One thing that I’m working on is trying to get you in preschool. I’ve got the money now, we are just waiting for an opening.

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