Finding what you like to do

In the future, maybe it’ll be different, but now most people have to work to make money, money to buy the everyday goods and services. I don’t like to think that money makes the world go round, but it’s part of everyday life.

So how do you get money? In my life, I’ve had to work for it mostly. Of course you may get some gifts of money or even get lucky and find a 20 dollar bill on the street, but usually you have to work to get most of the you’ll require for your everyday needs.

Having money is almost like having more choices. If you have a lot of money, you have more choices for your house, travel, luxuries, and even such critical things like medical care and food to eat.

So, the bottom line is you will probably need to get money, and the more the better. Of course there are things money can not buy like true love and happiness, but it can create possibilities and offer choices.

So how to get that money? I’ve never been a fan of working for others, I don’t like people telling me what to do, unless I can see a lot of usefulness or benefit, like a good boss who is helping me learn a valuable skill.

It’s a fact that most people who are millionaires in the US are business owners. It’s uncommon to get rich working for others. That’s because as an employee, according to accounting, you are an expense. They may call you an asset, but the bottom line is every employee is an expense and it’s inherent that businesses will try to reduce expenses whenever they can. Though it has risks, business ownership is the key to substantial riches.

But let’s not linger on getting rich, let’s talk about working. As a business owner or employee you will probably be working. A full time job typically requires 8 hour days, 5 days a week. A business owner may work even more.

That time is your life. So how do you not waste that time? How can you work, make money, and enjoy what you do?

I’ve had more than a few jobs that are boring or had to work for bosses I didn’t like. I’ve tried to avoid that ever since!

Think about what you like to do and what are you good at. Also consider what people need and want now and in the future. Is there a point where your interests and the needs and wants of people intersect?

I discovered I liked making websites and there are all kinds of needs on the Internet, so it made sense for me to learn how to build websites and applications. I wasn’t good at it at first, but I’ve improved a lot with practice. But honestly, I wouldn’t have practiced so much if I didn’t really enjoy it. The joy of something makes you want to get better at it and as you get better and start to become an expert you find ways to turn that into value for people and earn money. It’s a great feeling to provide a valuable service to people and enjoy doing it and make $$$ by it!

I sincerely encourage you to find what you like to do and really learn and practice it.

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