If there were only 50 hours in a day!

Here are some of the things you can do now:
Count things with you finger up to ten.
Recognize all the planets, the sun and moon
You know about 4 or five colors, blue, black, green, yellow
You know at least 100 – 200 words just by hearing.
You know the parts of the body
You can walk and a cute little toddler running
You can pick up water or things with a shovel
You like to listen to songs and music on the computer
You can point at things you want
You can shake your head for no and yell out “yeah” if asked a question.
You say mama when you want your mom.
You know how to be silly, play, laugh and have fun
You can throw a ball or balloon in the air, you can catch a balloon with your arms
You can pick up things and carry them around the house

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