Almost Three!

Your birthday is coming soon. What shocks me the most is how I’ve watched you go from being a baby to a walking, talking, playing little person with his own feelings, thoughts, ideas, and just all around personality. You can be serious and silly, and say they funniest things. We talked about the new baby in Mommy’s tummy and you said, “what’s in my tummy?”

You are very kind hearted, you tell us that you love us, and do little nice things like get us water, give mommy a “sage” for massage. And love to play. I think you really like to play with other boys and girls the most.

Yesterday at the park, you were going up to other boys and girls and asking “What’s your name?” And when one little girl told you her name, you ran up to me and said “That girl told me her name name!”

You recently quite enjoy listening to music that your mother and I have on our phones. You listen to Chinese music on mommy’s phone and English music on my phone. You can speak quite a bit of Chinese now, but I think English is your primary language.

I think it will soon be time for you to go to school. I just gotta find the right school. Hopefully I can find soon. You will be 3 years old soon and I feel you would enjoy the social interaction and learning time.

You keep asking me “Daddy, Daddy, what’s this day?” And I say it’s Saturday or Monday or whatever day it is. Then I tell you how long it is until your birthday! You are getting excited as well 🙂

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