The Games We Play~

“Do you want to play Dinosaur Battle?” “Yeah!” I love to hear how excited you are to learn about Dinosaurs. One thing I’ve noticed is when you are interested in something, you totally blitz the information, you will read and read or watch videos until you have got it in your head. I can’t believe you learned all 100 dinosaurs from the 100 Dinosaurs video, on top of learning the names of many dinosaurs from library¬†books.

You also like to play True or False with me. First I asked you questions like “Mars has three moons, true or false?” and you would answer “False, Mars has two moons!” Its amazing how quickly you picked up this game. Now you will ask me “Is a Hot Jupiter very hot true or false?” Its so cute how you mix up a statement with a question.

We also play Chinese Battle sometimes. We will take all the Chinese flash cards and put them on the floor and Mommy says the Chinese word and we have to grab the card. You are still so young , but beat me several times! OR sometimes Mommy will say the word and we battle who can say it in English first. And you beat me in that sometimes too! Its truly amazing.

Also we started playing imagination games, like making up stories together. You will start the story like “There was a Maiasura with her babies” and then I will say the next line and we will go back and forth. Or we play spaceship outside and going to Mars and Saturn, shooting at comets, blackholes, and asteroids. We find sticks and rocks and explore the planets.

Lately we say “I’ll be an Apple and you be Bran Flakes” then we pretend we are eating each other and say “Yummy or Umm Umm!” I love playing with you!!!

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