You change so much so fast, its hard to keep up with this blog. Just a couple weeks ago I would sit you down to play with toys and you couldn’t hold yourself up. You’d fall forward or fall backward and I would have to prop you back up again and again. But nowadays I can sit you down and you can hold yourself upright! That is just amazing. You seem to figure out how to do stuff all on your own.

I put a little ball on a block and you reached for it. Several times you simply knocked it over, but finally you actually grabbed that little ball with your hand and held it! I was just amazed you figured it out so quickly. You were born just a few months ago and you can already hold yourself up and grab a little ball placed in front of you. Its just amazing to me.

I bought lots of block toys. I always thought it was fun to build things and stack things on top of each other. I figure you’ll might like that too. I often feel bad we can’t go outside as much as I would like. The weather was cold and wet during the winter and not really appropriate to for taking a newborn outside. Its gotten a little better after the Chinese New YEar, hopefully we can go to the park more soon.

Its fun when the sun comes out and we all go to the park. The first few times you would just fall asleep as we carried you. You would cry as we put your winter suit on you and you especially hated when we put your hat on your head. However, as soon as we stepped out, before we even got to the sidewalk, you went straight to sleep. Nowadays, you stay awake much longer and look around. I really appreciate that you are curious about the world and your environment. You look at things like cars and trees and other kids playing, really take them in. I suppose you are thinking about what those things are.

I try to smile and talk to you. Even though you may not understand specifically what I say, you seem to know you are being talked to and smile and your eyes brighten up. I think you may feel good that someone is trying to communicate directly with you. I’ll ask you questions about things like what are you looking at or what is that thing? 

You try to hold anything that we put in front of you. You are curious and that is good attribute that will serve you to learn and grow over a lifetime.

Sometimes I think about what kind of questions you will ask me in the future and how I can answer them. What is the meaning of life? What should I do if I am treated unfairly or badly or I feel sad. What to think about relationships or dating? What is really important in this world? I wont go into my thoughts on these answers just now, but I will share a little something my father told me when he got older. He said don’t get too happy or too upset about anything. What I think he meant was don’t let your emotions get out of control even when you’re happy or unhappy. Things may never be as good or bad as they seem at the time. In other words, you might say, stay cool and don’t fly off the handle.

I suppose you don’t need to hear those words now, you’re only a few months old, you are doing just fine as you are!


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