First few months of growth

You were about 3.4 kilograms when you were born. Hard to believe you were that little. That’s like a couple of hand weights put together.  I have barbells that weigh several times more then you did. Your Mom could easily pick you up and carry you. At that time we could only cradle you in our arms. Your neck muscles were not developed yet and couldn’t hold up your own head. We’d have to support your head. Maybe a couple months or so later you started to hold your head up on your own. Your head would shake a little bit as you struggled to hold it up and would still need mommy and daddy’s support. But now that you are nearly five months old, you can hold your head up on your own and even turn it right or left to look at things you are interested in and look at where sounds are coming from. Nowadays, you don’t like to be cradled, you prefer to be held head up so you can see and look around.

We weigh you frequently to measure how much you’ve grown. We get so excited everytime you get a little bigger. In the first month you grew so fast, maybe nearly doubled in size. Once we started feeding you apples and bananas and carrots, you seemed to grow much faster. Going on 5 months now, you are closing in on 9 kilograms!


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